Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Darling's Birthday

Our celebration at fullhouse,Sunway Giza Mall.....Tis is nice place that romantic and good environment

 Deng Deng Deng....Our birthday girl!!!! That day she wear so pretty although she ald a pretty girl in my heart!!!

2nd Group of Best Friend in my life!!! U all are important to me!!

My birthday kiss to her!!!Opps , got ppl wan kill me edi hahaha

Ya , I cant imagine she dare to pose tis out although really so sexy!!!

Love tis pic so much !!!!

Suprise is coming!!!!!
 They two sweet couple look our suprise from upstairs.....We sing birthday song and many ppl looking at us LOL

See the birthday cake (Ignore my ugly face)

Sweet couple forever!!!!

The end!!!!!!!

Hui Qi , my beloved darling wish u happy birthday again!!!! I hope u live happiness sweetness forever....Dun try to hide sad thing inside ur heart , u still have three of us beside u.....Hope u and tsun yue stay sweet forever and go through all hard thing and happy thing together untill the end of the world!!! Love you 

Love tis pic so much!!! Just can share here coz here no spy!!!!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Will update the blog that celebrate with my darling when i get photo!!!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Crazy girl's Birthday

p.s.  why my eyes so weird haha

Happy Birthday My beloved bitch aka Karin !!!!!!
Yesterday going to celebrate her early birthday.....After tot going to have dessert at dessert house but last decision , we going to basketball court and have one box of Sandy as our dessert hahaha....

Dunno izit long time didnt gather together , feel like outdated about all of my girls' news....LoL
But its ok , just tell me anything when u all really wan to tell me ^^ My ears will always open and mouth will close ^.^

Last , hope all of us always around with happiness and getting prettier and prettier haha

Saturday, October 8, 2011


Ya i know tat i ald so long long time didnt update my blog due to my laziness. 
I was thinking is it all people will change every moment or even every stage of our whole life...
The changing of attitude??appearance???lifestyle???
Is this changing is good or bad???? May be we cant control the changing of someone and we should used to it...

Sometimes i also dunno wat kind of ppl is me....mature??active??quiet??hard to communicate??nice??
May be u will say Just be Urself and no need care about ppl opinion!! Ya ,  Be Urself is such a best thing and also  hard thing!! Ermm...I also hope to Be Myself but How Myself look like???? Tats why sometimes really need someone tell us but want change or not is depend on urself !!! So try make ur whole life with happiness !!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


My birthday already over!!! and officially 18 year old ><
I prefer that i not 18 year old and still study at secondary school...haha
scare going to college.....can i do it ???? scare cant pass my ACCA and stop half way

But i receive my science bitches' wish , really so touched
Get birthday call from tristal and karin
Get a touched message from Vaginaaaa....i cant think tat we ald be sista for 6 years , hope it will still continue until the day we die
And my sweetie's wish at FB

Love you all so much!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Birthday Eve

My hamsters help me celebrate my birthday eve at Heritage.......
Jin wen , sorry for late coming hehehe.....but luckily i am not the most late wan
My little horse really become so pretty envy hahaha

We having our dinner , chit chat and watching the white swan at there.......
After tat ,  i tot ald finish and gonna back home
But when chit chat with jin wen ,got a song come but i tot just a normal music
sorry for fan ying chi dun ,  then got a stuff take a cake come out then i onli know tat is birthday song hahahah

Btw , thank you for the celebration !!!! My hamster !!! And present and card also....Thannk you

P/S : My science bitches , when you all gonna give me suprise hahahaha......

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Birthday Celebration

Lets pic tell story........

                                                                  Birthday Boy!!!!!

 Fullhouse at Sunway Pyramid.....There not as nice as I think

 Mint Lavender Tea >>>>>Quite nice

Korea dunno wat tea......I recommend he drink wan heheheh.....
Dessert >.<   3 for RM 29.90   I eat tiramisu and brownie chocolate by myself....Must will so fat hahahaha
 Going back......First time having dinner at fullhouse......Although not as nice as i think but also enjoy there!!!!

 Funny pose....hahahah...notice the T-shirt.....he finally can wear tis T-shirt edi


The hairband nice ar not????Trying in the fitting room.....But at last didnt buy it also .....

Nice ar not??? Hehehe.....